Helping Seniors stay Connected with their Family



Stay Connected with photo sharing, fun notes, reminders, calendar events, birthdays, and more.

"I like being able to add my visits to Mom's daily calendar, so she'll know when I'm coming. It's so easy, using the mobile app. Seeing that a visitor is coming gives her something to look forward to."

Jim in Hilliard, OH 

Happy Seniors. Happy families.

The power of staying connected.

Anytime, anywhere

Everything in one place,
so easy to use

Seniors are comforted by staying connected with family, enjoying the photos, reading the notes. And viewing their Live Calendar builds confidence in knowing what’s coming and gives something to look forward to. Add in the weather, family birthdays and anniversaries, shared address book, …


Connected Life View can be life-changing for Seniors and their family.


Innovative. Powerful. Simple.