Innovation sets
Connected Life View apart

Connected Life View® from Connected Life Innovations, LLC distinguishes itself in the market by the innovations included specifically for seniors, their loved ones, and care centers.


The totally handsfree display option uniquely assists those seniors where remembering when and how to turn on the TV to a special channel would be too much and render other solutions useless. The Connected Life View handsfree wall display turns itself on every morning and off every evening, displays today's Live Calendar with reminder markers and highlights, cycles through photos and notes, and shows special announcements.


Innovative features allow families and friends to add their own events and visits to the Connected Life View calendar, blended with the daily activity calendar from the care center. And calendar filters to simplify the display and filter out types of events that are not of interest to your senior loved one. And creating a photo stream with both family photos and care center photos. And sharing an online address book allowing the whole family to stay connected with their senior loved one and each other.


An easy-to-use mobile app the whole familiy will appreciate for staying connected, with special features for seniors to view the many aspects of their daily lives in one simple place.


Care centers using Connected Life View distinguish themselves in a competitive market by demonstrating their innovative use of technology to uniquely serve seniors and their loved ones. And making their operations more modern and efficient.


Other inovations allow families to enjoy the benefits of Connected Life View even when their loved one's senior care center does not yet have Connected Life View (and in fact, the creators of the product initially used the service in this fashion with their own mom and family).

Amazing features. Powerful innovation. Yet uniquely simple.


"Now with Connected Life View, when I arrive to visit Mom she says "I've been expecting you!" with a smile. That would have never happened before. Even if I would have called ahead, she would have forgotten by the time I got there. Not anymore! "

Reynoldsburg, OH
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