Families Love our Features

Your entire family can enjoy Connected Life View with a single monthly subscription. (See detailed pricing.)

Your Senior loved one, using the app on their tablet, enjoys a simple User Experience designed just for them, to stay connected with your family.

Family members use our Mobile App and/or Website to share photos, send notes, update the calendar and much more for your Senior loved one.

It’s all so easy! Our mobile app has a very different personality for your Family members than for your Senior loved one, all working seamlessly together.

Write Fun Notes

Quick and easy. Share a fun tidbit, or just let them know you’re thinking of them.

Share Photos

New family photos. Or treasured memories from days gone by.

Seniors love photos! (who doesn't!)



Manage a Shared Calendar

Add calendar events to help your Senior loved one know what’s coming
and to provide things to look forward to, such as your visits.


Useful for the whole family in coordinating schedules and staying connected.

Create Reminders

Easy reminders for just about anything. You can even schedule the stop and start days.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

A great way to remember special dates for family and friends.
Your whole family will appreciate having a shared online list!

Contacts List

All your familiy, friends, doctors, etc. in one place, always up to date.

Your whole family will appreciate this!



Easy for Seniors to have the latest weather at their fingertips



Totally Handsfree Display

Sometimes even a tablet is too much.

No problem.

We offer an innovative totally handsfree solution. Our TV screen turns itself on and off and smoothly cycles through content.

Seniors can simply watch and enjoy. Totally handsfree.

Please contact us to dicuss this option.